I’ve recently finished work on my latest thriller, Homecoming. It’s my first foray into crime fiction and I’m pleased with the end result. (The cover looks good, at least!) It was both challenging and fun building a case, creating a fictional town in Kansas, USA and giving birth to a twisted serial killer. I learned a fair bit about US spelling and grammar too.

Having explored the dark side of my imagination, I have to agree with Darth Vader. Do not underestimate its power.

Along with more Truly Deadly books, I’ll be writing more standalone thrillers in future – and who knows, a  Homecoming sequel? We’ll see how it goes.

For the blurb and a look inside the novel itself, scroll up and click on one of the store links under the book image.

Thanks to Dane Low at EbookLaunch for the great cover. Just in time for Halloween!